minima maxima sunt

The Small things are the Great things; as in a grain of mustard seed.

Christes Maesse

The Nativity

Keeping the Mass in Christmas. A little twist on a term many know about keeping Christ in Christmas. The holiday season has become huge! Starting before All Hallows These days, I remember when you didn’t see a light on a house until after Thanksgiving. Without a doubt it is the most popular holiday going, even in the church it ranks very high, coming in second to Easter. In modern times, it has been the fashion to secularize Christmas, to make it less offensive I suppose to those who are not religious, but even among the religious, who have no problem keeping Christ in the holiday, we sometimes fail to keep the Mass.

This is one of those little things that are really the big thing. Such a small ceremony and yet it has become this great holiday. Christmas celebrates the Incarnation of our Lord. In the darkness of the night of creation, the Creator steps in, and:

For us men and for our salvation

        he came down from heaven,

        and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate

        of the Virgin Mary,

        and became man.


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