minima maxima sunt

The Small things are the Great things; as in a grain of mustard seed.

St. Vojtěch

The Expulsion of St Adalbert 1470-80

St. Vojtěch (956-997), also knows as St. Adalbert, was the bishop of Prague, a missionary, and a martyr. His efforts as a missionary helped to to evangelize Hungary and Poland, but he was martyred in Prussia. He is the Patron of Poland, Hungary, Prussia and Bohemia. His Feast day is on the 23rd of April.

Born the son of nobility in Lebice nad Cidlinou, Bohemia;  Vojtěch left to enter the priesthood and studied in Madgeburg, Germany. He studied about 10 years under Adalbert of Madgeburg, where upon the death of his teacher, Vojtěch adopted his name. Madgeburg at this time was also the home of the Emperor Otto I, but there is no mention of the two ever crossing paths. Adalbert returned to Poland and became a priest.

His service as a priest was short-lived, as only a year later, in 982 he became the Bishop of Prague. But life as a Bishop was taxing. Adalbert came from a wealthy family, but chose to live a simple life, even in his place as bishop. He challenged issues of polygamy, slave trade as well as idolatry which were still popular in Bohemia (Czech Republic today) as it was very new to christianity. Adalbert left his position as bishop in 989.

Seeking a contemplative life, Adalbert entered St. Alexis Benedictine monastery in Italy and lived as a hermit. However, it wasn’t long before he found himself back in Bohemia. Pope John XV sent him in 993, so Adalbert could take up again the office of bishop. This time he built the first monastery in the region. His ministry however was still challenging,  but it was a local feud in Poland which took the lives of several of his brothers which would eventually cause him to leave his office.

It is here that his missionary work begins. First going to Hungary then Poland where he had much success. He then went into Prussia where he was martyred on April 23, 997.


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2 thoughts on “St. Vojtěch

  1. This is really good. Just wondering though, could you mesh the saint’s feast day to our own calendar and then post “in real time?”

    • Mike LaFountain on said:

      Yep.. I’ve been doing that but as I had a tight week I’ve been playing ahead of the game and then going back to change the date to mesh up. I also need to update my timeline with a few of the links. AAAAAnd. I’ve been linking from the blogs for the months to show which days on the calendar i’ve been blogging about..

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