minima maxima sunt

The Small things are the Great things; as in a grain of mustard seed.

Mark, the Lion

Mark writing the Gospel in Illuminated Manuscript.

The second Gospel in the canon of New Testament Scriptures is attributed to Mark. There are a few Marks mentioned in the bible, John Mark and Mark the cousin of Barnabas, and there is a strong tradition toward the writer being John Mark. The story goes that Mark was one of the 70 disciples, the son of another Mary (Mary the mother of John as in John Mark), John was his hebrew name but he was surnamed Marcus (Mark), also that he was the young man who ran from the garden of on the night Jesus was betrayed. It is believed that he travelled with the apostle Peter, and wrote down the Gospel from Peters point of view. The Gospel According to mark is the earliest of the Four Gospels in the Canon.

St. Mark is known for founding the Alexandrian church of which he was also bishop. Alexandria was one of the centers of the early christian church, along with Jerusalem, Antioch and Rome. He was martyred there in the year 68.

Saint Mark the Evangelist

As mentioned in the Evangelical Symbols post, St. Mark’s symbol is that of the Lion, and in iconography of St. Mark there may be a lion in view or hiding in the scenery. The lion was a symbol of majesty and wisdom with which the Gospel of Mark is credited. In the illuminated manuscript page, you can see the winged lion sitting under the table Mark is writing the Scriptures on. The scripture is another symbol often seen with mark, seen as an open scroll or a piece of paper with writing on it or sometimes as just a book, the symbol sets him as an author of Sacred Scripture.


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6 thoughts on “Mark, the Lion

  1. marieagrace on said:

    Who gave these men their titles? I was wondering??

  2. Mike LaFountain on said:

    I ended up responding to your question with a blog… good question!

    • marieagrace on said:

      Yeah! But he was called the Lion and Jesus was called a Lion also the Lion of Judah , every time I see a lion I think of Jesus now I’ll be thinking of Mark to. Blessings and Peace!!!

  3. Mike LaFountain on said:

    The Lion is not a symbol for Mark, but rather Marks Gospel. It symbolizes the attributes of his gospel that focus on Christ the King. So The Lion still really points to Jesus.

  4. marieagrace on said:

    Where there any fake gospels of Mark that you know of?

    • Mike LaFountain on said:

      There was a claim of one. The secret gospel of Mark. But all they have is a mention of such a gospel in a “questionable” letter from Clement.

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