minima maxima sunt

The Small things are the Great things; as in a grain of mustard seed.


May from the Tres Riches Heures de Jean Duc de Berry

May is the fifth month of the year. The name comes from the Roman maiores which is latin for “elders”, although an alternate etymology suggests the name is borrowed from the Greek maia, which is the fertility goddess.

The Conciergerie today.

This months scene from the Tres Riches shows a group of people, the Duke among them riding in the green countryside. musicians are playing, and in the background can be seen the Conciergerie, which still stands today. This picture seems fitting for the celebration of springtime. In a way it’s almost elven with the rich colors and leafy crowns. I am reminded of the opening and closing to Much Ado About Nothing, (the Kenneth Branagh version), where poetry and song mingle with celebration and pageantry.

May is also a month that celebrates mothers. Mothers day is celebrated on the 2nd sunday in May in the U.S. In the catholic church Mother Mary has a few days of note in May as well, with special devotions that celebrate the Blessed Virgin as Queen of Heaven and the Visitation. One of these is a special devotion, not found on the calendar, called the May Crowning.

Feasts from the General Roman Calendar are:

1. Joseph the Worker, Opt. Mem.
2. Athanasius, Memorial
3. Philip and James, Feast
6. Fifth Sunday of Easter, Sunday
10. St. Damien Joseph de Veuster, priest, Opt. Mem.
13. Sixth Sunday of Easter, Sunday
14. Matthias, Feast
15. Isidore the Farmer (USA), Opt. Mem.
18. John I, Opt. Mem.
20. Ascension, Solemnity
21. Christopher Magallanes and companions; Eugene de Mazenod (Canada), Opt. Mem.
22. Rita of Cascia, Opt. Mem.
25. Bede the Venerable; Gregory VII; Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, Opt. Mem.
26. Philip Neri, Memorial
27. Pentecost; Whitsunday, Sunday
31. Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Feast


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2 thoughts on “Maius

  1. marieagrace on said:

    Maius,Well I can’t speak to good on pronunciation of most of the churches predecessors but the art work is beautiful I love the old churches and the value they brought to all the world.I have a book you would love to see, it has all the kings and queens all people of grandeur of the old days, most of your artists and it is a old book I’ll send you a pic of it.I miss the city only for the large older buildings. America went to modern and we don’t have as much of the old churches or buildings any more. Progress is what I think they called it:( They changed to much. But Rome didn’t change and London England they still have their old buildings etc.Everything was built so beautiful and fancy with big Mosaics in the lobbies when you walked in. A feeling of home or belonging that has gone with the wind from the modernization of industry.Then industry left us and we came undone. When i was reading last night I found most all things came from Rome and France and the church Fathers but there is still so much to learn about the past and all the people that helped build a brighter future for others and freedom for all. Blessings and Peace!! The Lord is my Shepard!!!!

  2. marieagrace on said:

    Hi My Friend, When I was a child we had what they called processions and it was long and all the churches and priests marched and sang songs and held up pictures of the Blessed Mother with her crown and it was so emotional for me. Once I was on the porch way up in a building and I got to let the white birds (Doves)out to fly above the procession,it was a very special moment for me, I can see it just as it was back then I guess I do miss the city more then I thought:)

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