minima maxima sunt

The Small things are the Great things; as in a grain of mustard seed.

Et ascéndit in cælum

Ascension of Christ 6th Century

The Solemnity of the Ascension of Jesus occurs on the 40th day after Easter, which is May the 17th. Some catholic churches have moved the celebration of this solemnity to the following sunday which is the 20th. The Ascension comes from the book of Acts and is also mentioned in the gospel of Mark and Luke, and tells of events after the resurrection of Jesus where he spent time with the apostles and disciples and then on the 40th day was taken up bodily into heaven in their presence.

Concepts of “ascension” are found in other stories from tradition and scripture. The bible tells of the prophet Elijah being taken up by a fiery chariot. In Jewish tradition, Moses was also taken up in a cloud, though in the bible it states that Moses died. There is also the concept of assumption which is similar and applies to Moses (some suggest he died first and his body was taken then), Enoch, which is a mystery, and the Virgin Mary who has a feast day for the assumption. Like ascension, the body is taken to heaven.

In the illuminated art above, Jesus is pictured ascending with angels surrounding him. In the center is the Virgin Mary with arms raised, to the right St. Peter, holding a staff and the other apostles gazing in wonder.

The Ascension is also found the creeds, both the Apostles and Nicene. Et ascéndit in cælum is the phrase from the Latin Nicene and means “and ascended into heaven”. The creeds were important symbols to early christians and developed in response to disputes and heresies in the early Christian church. The point about ascension, specifically a bodily ascension is important in regard to several philosophies and heresies which considered the body, or the physical creation to be evil. Christ not only comes in the flesh, but is resurrected and ascends in the flesh… And will come back in the same way.


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One thought on “Et ascéndit in cælum

  1. marieagrace on said:

    Hi, in the ascension Mike,it is said to be body and sppirit, and what Protestants question is in scripture Paul said the “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God: But we are saved by grace and good works, now I don’t even want to think that Jesus would leave his mother down here and her body, as he knew what evil lies in the mind of men they would dig her up and take her DNA etc And experiment with her corpse.And Joseph went to Egypt and was cremated so why would Mary not go with her husband? Because she must have went to the Lord unless someone has hidden her body away from every one? But then she appeared in Fatima with her body didn’t she.:)Why would children lie about this?? By the way 40 days is a long time for anyone to be back on this earth and still there are some who deny this. How terrible to deny the life and death of the creator of heaven and earth!

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