minima maxima sunt

The Small things are the Great things; as in a grain of mustard seed.



John 12:24-25 Amen, amen, I say to you, unless the grain of wheat falling into the ground die, itself remains alone. But if it die it brings forth much fruit.

I would bet that most people have planted a seed at some point in their life. The seed is just a dry husk, small and by all accounts dead. It is placed in the ground and watered and after a few day it germinates breaking forth from the seed and pushing up through the earth. Several weeks will go by as the plant grows; rising toward the Sun, leaves and branches begin to form and then something wonderful. A flower begins to appear, like a flame of color upon the plant. It will be the means by which the plant will reproduce and form seed for future harvest.

The Day of Pentecost ends the Easter season in the church year. Coming from the Greek Pentekoste it means “the fiftieth day”. The feast celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit, who comes to lead the Church. This occurred 50 days after the resurrection and the story is found in the book of Acts. It tells of the disciples waiting in the upper room, praying. When the sound of a mighty wind comes and tongues of fire appear over their heads. Then they started to speak in different languages “tongues” and were overheard by the people outside, Jews from every nation, who understood them in their different dialects and languages. The Scriptures tell us that 3000 were baptized that day.

Moses and the Ten Commandments

It is interesting that Jews from abroad were in Jerusalem at this time. In fact they too were preparing to celebrate a feast called pentecost. The Hebrew term was Shavuot, which is the Festival of Weeks. It is a harvest festival with historical significance for the Jews, recalling that 50 days after the Exodus, Moses descended from Mt. Sinai with the Commandments of God to lead them. There is a tradition that says Mt. Sinai blossomed with flowers because of the giving of Torah.

The parallels between the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament are apparent as we see the Passover/Crucifixion, the Exodus/Resurrection and then after 50 days, the descent of the Law/Holy Spirit.

Pentecost is considered the birthday of the Church. It not only started the church but has been a part of it ever since. Signs and wonders being found throughout the history of the faith and to this day, the catholic church has always been pentecostal in the fullest sense of the word.

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6 thoughts on “Pentēkostē

  1. marieagrace on said:

    Hi little buddy, I was wondering you said that the church was so to speak as Pentecostal,but I have never herd anyone ever speak in tongues in any service just French and Latin which I like.I speak in tongues when I pray to the Father and my heart is what he is hearing not so much of what I say as I am speaking my mind is on what I am asking for. I ask, and not just babble, that way my heart and tongue are together as one unit working on getting my message through.I talk to him also and ask for things like peace in the world, like others to come in to the knowledge of God, like parents to teach their children when they are small and it will never depart.It is called seed planting your child and the Holy Spirit will take over and the Lord will call this child unto himself.The Lord calls whom ever he wants but the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much so you and your whole house can be saved:)I pray for all the woman and children all over the world to be touched by God and the Spirit of God but it is up to us to go forth and do the work also. Baptizing them and praying over them for the time is short and the Harvest will be ready and plentiful we just need more workers and not takers, more prayer worriers not just talkers, more people of God to take the initiative and get the message out that Jesus Christ is Lord!Send in the bibles and the Anointing of God forth to these that are the least of HIS CHILDREN, His, His, His,children,never to be forgotten,they are his, and they shall reign with him because of their innocence.

    • Mike LaFountain on said:

      There is more to being Pentecostal then speaking in tongues. As a matter of fact, I think some of the modern interpretations of tongues are off base to begin with. It’s like the whole purpose of being Pentecostal is locked into an experience which may or may not be authentic. Regardless the church that was actually there and started with Pentecost, has always had the holy spirit guiding them as promised. That is what Pentecost is about, not tongues, which is really only one kind sign/wonder..

  2. Hi Mike, Enjoy reading your blog. Good stuff. Wanted to make a comment/question. Your statement in reference to the Jews “That they too were gathered together in what they called pentecost”. Makes it sound like these were two seperately cordinated events. Do you see it as such?
    My thoughts are that the Church was mainly made up of Jews at the time. They were gathered together at the time of Pentecost, and and Jews were coming from everywhere to do the same.
    I believe we are the branch of the root. All the Jewish feast and festivals are a fortelling of events in the Church. In fact prophets fortold the coming of the Church age, in the Torah for many years. We cannot exclude the Jewish history of the Church. One of the first disputes in the scriptures was basically about if a non-Jew could come into the Church. I am very glad the Holy Spirit reveiled to them that we could, and also glad they spelled out that we could do so without obligation to follow a lot of the Jewish customs and rules…
    I really don’t believe you are into replacement theology, but thought it was interesting that you would think the Church came up with a Easter celebration called Penecost, seperate from the Jewish pentecost. Was not the feast of tabernacles a prophetic picture of the Holy Spirit coming down at Pentecost to the Church? I see it as a one and the same holiday, not seperate events. As the Church we have Jewish roots.
    Have a blessed day with the family… The sun is out, the bay is calm, and Homer may even see it up above 65 degs today!!
    your brother, Steve

    • Mike LaFountain on said:

      Hi Steve! The relation or foreshadowing is absolutely what I’m getting at here. Which is why I showed the parallels between the two. To be honest, I’m not sure how anyone could ignore the fact of Jewish history and still proclaim a church. Ignorance in this is probably what gives rise to comparisons between Christian belief and paganism. Instead of looking for correlations between the church and paganism it’s more likely that the beliefs of the church come right out of their Jewish heritage which is their cause.

      I’m not sure about replacement theology as that seems to have too many definitions. My thought is more catholic in the universal sense.. It’s not a replacement but a completion. A universalism where Jew and gentile share in the promise. So the church is really a fulfillment and not a replacement. The Jewish history is and must be valid or the church has absolutely nothing to stand on.

      Great to hear from you! Miss you guys so much.

      Sent from my iPad

  3. marieagrace on said:

    I do believe that the church is the beginning of the promise God gave to his people the Jews but because of their loss of faith in His resurrected son they lost this promise for a time and they shall be given this back in the latter days and they shall confess that Jesus Christ id Lord even before they die it shall be on their lips) Yeah! The Lord thy God will bring them into his fold:) Of Course without the Jews we would not have a church and the Catholic church follows them as close as possible and is structured like them but with Miracles and signs and wonders the Gift of what the Lord gave is in the church and in all believers :Believe on me and confess with thy mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and you and your house shall be saved!

  4. Again….Like your blogg Mike. and totally agree on the comments you just made… So your moving to NC? Or is it SC? Sounds like a good thing…blessings o your and the family.

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