minima maxima sunt

The Small things are the Great things; as in a grain of mustard seed.


Starting my first project in our new home and thought it might be fitting for a blog or for those who might like to see an easy way to add a bit of art to their home. All you need is a window like this one. Not a very large one and its in our master bathroom so it was a good first choice to add a little privacy as well.

The product I use is called “Gallery Glass” and can be found at an art supply store, though you may need to look through a few. Michael’s tends to have it in stock and its not very expensive.

When you select your window you begin by drawing your image. Using the tube of leadline, which you squeeze out like a tube of cake decoration you draw out the borders of you picture. I drew this in about twenty minutes, however when I first started I would take the time to trace out my image on paper which I would tape to the back of the window to use as a guide. Be careful not to rub into the wet leadline while tracing your image as it can get very messy, very quick. But don’t worry, it’s water soluble while still wet and cleans up easily.


When the leading has dried you can begin to add the tubes with colors to the window. Starting from the top you slowly squeeze out the stain and swirl it on to the window and work your way to the bottom of the section your filling. Again, be careful not to touch wet areas. It happens, and like the leadline, the colors are also water soluble. I try to do a color, let it dry, then add my next color or work on sections the don’t touch each other. This helps to keep things clean and if I get a glob that runs down its easier to fix if its not mixing with other wet colors.


Above you can see the bottom glass is dark. The paint is still wet surrounding the birds. Below the paint has dried and looks just like stained glass. Still need to finish the window and will add that photo when its done, but what your looking at here took about 5 hours of time over two days. Real easy and fun and most important it’s a very inexpensive way to add some stained glass to your home.



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6 thoughts on “WindowPainter

  1. Hey little buddy your quite good at that. One question how are you getting that squiggly look on the glass? It was very clear then it changed to a really stained glass look but you also have to squiggly look in the paint what did you do Mike??

    • Mike LaFountain on said:

      It’s just how the paint goes on. It’s thick so if you use just the tip on the applicator to smooth it out on the glass it will have a wavy look. You can take a blade or trowel and drag the paint to make it look like smooth glass too.

  2. I love that wavey look but you seem to have both and that’s even better. The glass on my two windows from the church are lead and light blues and green with some white kinda Irish, and a big cross in the center.One has a bullet hole on it from drive by’s years ago.

  3. Wow, that’s really neat. I can just picture sunlight streaming through that in the morning.

  4. It’s about time you showed off your work!!! Excellent window, I am one of your fans!!!

  5. It would be really neat if you took pictures of all your work and kept them in an album so if you wanted to do this as a hobby and get paid you’d have pictures to show people and they could decide what they want. Just a thought you never know:)

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