minima maxima sunt

The Small things are the Great things; as in a grain of mustard seed.


trappist-introLast week I bottled my first batch of beer since our move to North Carolina. It’s been nine months since my last brewing and while I was a little nervous about forgetting something important; the whole process went very smooth. It was a little awkward working in a new kitchen but apart from that it was certainly good to be back at it.

The choice for my first beer in our new home was a classic Belgian Trippel, which is probably my favourite beer, (though sometimes it’s hard to really have a favourite…..). After doing a quick internet search for a local brewing supply store and trying to decide which one of the dozens of recipes they had kits for, I finally made my choice. This store actually had about 3 different recipes for a Belgian Trippel, so naturally I chose the biggest one. Yay!

The Belgian Trippel is a beer that has some history. Brewed by monks over the centuries, several styles of beer developed. The trippel/tripel is probably an older beer but it’s name dates to the 1930’s. Along with Dubbels and other Abbey style ales, the trippel has found a following in recent years outside of the Abbeys as home and micro breweries began to venture into the making of the great variety of beer styles. The trippel is so named because it has about three times the amount of malts which in turn gets converted into a beer that is about three times stronger than your average beer. The flavor can range from a spicy clove to a fruity, almost banana like, taste and the fragrance follows suit. I can still remember the first time I was exposed to this wonderful brew. It was a shock to the senses. I had never had such a beer with so much flavor and I honestly had to ask if this was really even a beer. Anyway this opened the door for my own adventure into the world of beer and home brewing.

My trippel has been bottled and now I’m just waiting for carbonation… In the meantime I have my pots out and wort boiling as my next beer, a Dark English Ale, is brewing.


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  1. Hi Mike!! Remember me???

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