minima maxima sunt

The Small things are the Great things; as in a grain of mustard seed.

New additions

On a recent trip to Florida I had a chance to pick up a few new additions for the house. I was seeking a few certain Icons, which I didn’t have much luck with, but found some very nice alternates. The first is a beautiful Greek Icon of Christ at the last supper. I found this at the St. Photius Greek Orthodox Shrine in the old city of St. Augustine, Fl.


Also in St. Augustine I found a little shop with antique maps and manuscripts. Several beautiful pages from old Psalters and Books of Hours were in view as I entered. Here I found this page from a 15th century French Book of Hours. The Latin is from Psalm 24/25 and the majuscules on both sides are illuminated in gold.


One last stop on our way home was in Savannah, GA where I picked up this nice hand painted retablo of San Jose. Father and Child.


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One thought on “New additions

  1. Hi Mike, say did I ever show you the pictures and other things I have in the house?Believe me I have allot!!Old books,Statues,Beads,metals wall hangings jewelry,even a station of the cross box right from the church:)

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