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The Small things are the Great things; as in a grain of mustard seed.

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Somnobulistic Sun


Evening or morning? I love to look for planets at night. You can usually find them because they are a little brighter than most stars and they don’t twinkle. One of the easy planets to find is Venus which normally hangs out by the horizon at sunrise or sunset. At times other planets like Jupiter or Mercury can also be seen in in the same space. A few weeks back all three were in view during the evening light, so I decided to add the evening star to my picture and added another, maybe Jupiter? One of the 5 visible planets which you can pick. The main theme in is one is really the deep shades of sunset and sunrise on the horizon, which turn the world all sorts of strange color. Mountains turning purple and blue, and red lit trees.


Missa – Bearing Gifts

333px-Magi_(1)As the Liturgy of the Word ends the church now begins to prepare for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. This part of the Mass also is also about the “Word”, but not as the Sacred Scriptures. Now it takes this concept and moves it’s focus to the incarnation, which as we find in Scripture, means that the Word became flesh. And like story of the Nativity which begins the Gospel; the Liturgy of the word starts with the bearing of gifts.

What you will see here is this. As the prayer of the faithful is closed by the priest, everyone is seated. The Priest begins to prepare the altar for the gifts. Ushers will move around the congregation for the collection, which are our tithes and offerings that go to support the church, church property, ministries and the care of the poor. Meanwhile, a couple or family who were asked earlier to bring up the gifts, will make their way to the back of the church and as the collection completes, the family will bring forward the bread and wine while an usher brings forward the offering. To me this is like our “frankincense, myrrh and gold”. The procession moves toward the altar, down the center aisle where the priest and those assisting will receive the gifts and bring them to the altar.

The tie in to the events of the nativity are really my own way of looking at things. Maybe it’s just the way I process or think, but it is interesting how each part of the mass can be tied to stories and scenes from the Scripture. In this case it also helps to remind me that offerings and tithes must always be a gift to Jesus.

Grey Forest People


Another autumn picture hot off the easel. This one inspired by a Bruce Cockburn song called “Fall”.

Missa – Oremus

Illumination of the Ascension of Christ

Illumination of the Ascension of Christ

The conclusion of the Liturgy of the Word comes with the Prayer of the Faithful, also known as the General Intercession. While still standing, after reciting the Creed, the church awaits the lector who will speak the prayers being offered, and upon the completion of each, the person reading will say “Let us pray.” (oremus), to which the congregation will respond by saying “Lord, hear our prayer.”

This is another great example of the catholic faith being a common faith. It is not just about the Pope or the priest; not about super sermons, or super star preachers. It is a faith about the people who are all participants in this gathering, a “priesthood of believers”. We all intercede, we all are praying, and while not all are presiding or reading at the mass, the truth is that we are all one body with a common goal. The mass is all about participation.

The prayers, as the name implies, are general. We pray for our pope, and bishop; for the church universal. We pray for our country, for the military and all who defend and lay down their lives for others. We pray for those who are sick, those who are in need, those who have departed this life. We pray for those current events of concern. And at the end is a moment when we can offer our own silent requests and petitions, to which again we all respond: “Lord, hear our prayer.”

At the end the celebrant speaks the concluding prayer and again we all respond. Sometimes this prayer is sung, and at certain masses even the command and response “Let us pray.” and “Lord, hear our prayer” are sung of chanted.hmc_liturgy_det

Now the church takes a seat as one liturgy closes and another prepares to begin. We are now beginning the Liturgy of the Eucharist, which used to be called the Liturgy of the Faithful. This followed the Liturgy of the Catechumens as it was called, and as such the catechumens would depart at this time to discuss the word. This continues today in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). So at certain masses additional prayers may be said at the conclusion of the Liturgy of the Word for those preparing to come into full communion with the church. Then they will depart with their sponsors to “break open the Word”, and discuss the readings and homily as they prepare for baptism.


I love the season of autumn. Hope to try some more scenes from this season in the future.

Solis Ortis


My second painting. A bit shiny and hard to get a good pic of without glare.

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