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The Small things are the Great things; as in a grain of mustard seed.

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Ethiopian Icon

For my birthday my wife found this sweet travel icon triptych. The main/center panel is of St. George and the dragon. This depiction follow the Eastern traditions showing the rescue of the Holy Martyr Alexandra, empress and wife of Diocletian.  

The two side panels depict Ethiopian saints Tekle Haymanot and Gabra Manfas Qeddus.  

St. Tekle is identified by his severed leg and 6 wings. Legend is that he stood for so long his leg broke and spent 7 years standing on one leg. He was given 6 wings to help on a journey to Jerusalem. 

St. Gabra Manfas Qeddus is known to have formed a monastery. He was said to have lived over 300 years and for a time among lions and leopards which are shown in the image by his feet. Also of note in this icon is the tradition that during this time his hair turned white and covered his body.  

The case is hand carved and the binding was missing so I added my own to keep the doors from falling out. Seller thought this was from the 1950’s. 



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