minima maxima sunt

The Small things are the Great things; as in a grain of mustard seed.

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20 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Martine Chérau on said:

    In haste. While looking for an image from Les Heures du Duc de Berry I came upon your blog by chance. It’s impressive! Makes me want to read more so I shall come back later when I have more time. You write well on interesting subjects!

  2. Mike LaFountain on said:

    Thank you for the kind words Martine.

  3. marieagrace on said:

    Mike,why did the church of Jesus Christ ever want to be in Rome,if Rome was slaughtering them?I can’t find anywhere in history when the romans were not controlling something and why are they such a big church today?The vatican was not built then so where was the church? And where was the Greek orthodox and why were they not abused for their faith because it was the same as the Catholic church has???Now did you ever ask yourself this question?

    • Barb Wellman on said:


      You misunderstand Early Church history and the use of the term Roman Catholic.

      The Early Church was illegal under the control of the Roman Empire until the rule of Constantine the Great in 313. (Christ died, Resurrected and Ascended in 33. )

      As we know from Scripture, the Roman Empire was complicit in the torture and death of our Lord. The empire’s capital city was Rome. The Cesar’s ruled from that city just as presidents and senators in the U.S. rule federally from Washington D.C.

      Both Peter and Paul made it their mission to evangelize Christ in the city of Rome. Check out a world map and see the distance that a person would need to walk and travel by sailing ship to get from Jerusalem to Rome, Italy.

      Please read here about Constantine and the edict of Milan, in which The belief in Christ and the Catholic Church were legalized in all providences within the Roman Empire.

      The Catholic Church is almost 2,000 years old. The term Roman Catholic is used to differentiate two types of liturgical worship that developed in her history.

      Please read here:

      The words Roman, Western or Latin Catholic Church are used interchangeably.

      The Eastern Rite Catholic Church is also in full communion with the Pope in Rome.

  4. TY dear one, you have developed a wonderful sight. All I can say is, “go baby go.” But note this, I will read all that you post.

  5. OK I give up!! What’s the picture on the front? I got caught up in it when I clicked it on.Where does it go to?

  6. It’s gone now It was there a picture of a frame color was brown and insikde the frame was a street and some grass etc.

  7. It’s over Mike you know,all over it is finished.It is just beginning for me though.

  8. I just got that and there is no picture on it now!What’s up with you???

  9. Mike,
    I’m an old fan from Spero, glad to have found you!

  10. Hello, I just read the page about St.Adalbert (Svaty Vojtech), a Bohemian Saint. Your in info page mentions that he was born in Poland but that is not so. He was born in Libice (near Chlumec nad Cidlinou), East Bohemia. I know this because I was born near by. Poland is relatively near by, I estimate about 200 km. No big deal, otherwic you did a great job. Thanks, Julia.

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